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We help personal trainers, boutique gyms and fitness business owners attract thousands of new clients every year with our lead generating websites and marketing system. Arrange a call with us today and discover how we can help you attract more clients and grow your fitness business faster.

How Our Fitness Websites and Marketing System is Guaranteed To Generate New Leads and Clients

World Class Fitness Business Web Design

Our Accelerate fitness business websites are designed  to promote your fitness business in the best light. Our graphic designers will design your new lead generating website to match your brand and your identity as a fitness business that gets results for your clients.

A Tried and Tested Marketing System

Since 2013 our Accelerate fitness business websites have been leaders in lead generation and client attraction for hundreds of fitness business owners. When you invest in an Accelerate Website you can be confident you'll receive a great looking website PLUS a tried and tested client attraction system.

20 Years of Fitness Business Experience

Our founders have over 20 years experience as fitness business owners. This means you can be confident in our knowledge of the industry, including the real reasons why people buy personal training and fitness. We know exactly what works to help you grow your fitness business faster and stand out as the go to fitness business in your town or online.

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100+ Website Leads Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Many fitness business websites fail to deliver when it comes to delivering fresh hot leads. If you've hired a web designer or tried to build your own site then you'll understand this. If you want a website that delivers leads so you can start to grow your fitness business then hiring a run of the mill web design firm or going down the DIY option can cost you thousands in missed revenue and opportunities every year.

Most web designers don't understand marketing, especially not fitness business marketing. In fact many simply want to design a flash expensive brochure website, without considering or understanding how it will work to grow your fitness business and increase your profits.

Maybe you've already experienced this? It's the number one reason why we created the Accelerate Fitness Business Website System

Accelerate Your Fitness Business Growth

Our Accelerate Fitness Business website System was created with a a single goal in mind:

"To help you grow your fitness business with new leads and quality clients. Clients who are a great fit for your business, fully invested in your ideas and services and willing to pay you what you and your team are worth as a coaches."

Accelerate is a unique system that allows us to help personal trainers and fitness businesses, just like you, get clear on their marketing message and how to use their websites to attract new personal training clients every single month.

Fitness Business Websites Designed to Grow Your Fitness Business

Every Accelerate fitness business website we deliver is carefully designed with lead generation and client attraction as the number 1 goal. We are on a mission to help you succeed in your fitness business by helping you grow your fitness business so you can concentrate on serving clients and running your business instead of getting stressed about your website.

  • Our team work with you to create your unique message designed to show your potential clients why they should choose you taking them from stone cold prospects to red hot leads ready to get started.
  • Our fitness marketing team will provide you with our high converting content for your new website which is the secret sauce fitness businesses need to persuade new clients to pick up the phone and call you.
  • When you invest in an Accelerate Website you'll also get exclusive access to our proven templates and examples of our most profitable fitness websites and fitness marketing ads.
  • Plus....your new fitness business website comes fully loaded with landing page templates and professional sales pages for you to use and copy.
  • By showing you how to position your business as the go to fitness business in your area, we'll help you avoid the same mistakes that many personal trainers, boutique gyms and studios fall into when trying to market their services online.

An Accelerate fitness business website ensures your business stands out in an ever growing ocean of other fitness businesses while accelerating your fitness business success and profitability.

Your 4 Stage Website Acceleration Plan


Arrange a Call With One of Our Fitness Website Marketing Experts

Simply click the button to arrange a chat with one our fitness marketing experts about how you can start attracting more of your ideal client into your fitness business.

Our team will help you get clarity on your business goals, the clients you want to attract and the marketing message to help you get fully booked faster than ever.

Answer A Few Simple Questions About Your Fitness Business

Tell us about you and your fitness business. We'll ask about type of clients you want to attract, how your business operates, and the goals your current clients have. We want to get a complete picture of you, your clients and your business so we can help you move forwards faster with your new lead generating website.



We Design and Build Your New Client Generating Website

We'll take the info you give us and get to work. You can sit back and relax as our team create an amazing bespoke website designed around your unique fitness business. You won't need to waste hours trying to work out what you need to write, because you'll get access to our system that will tell you exactly what we need.

Support From Launch and Growth

When your new fitness business website goes live, you'll receive our Accelerate Website launch checklist so you can use your new website to it's full potential. Plus...our care and support team are here to host and look after your new website including making edits and changes and keeping your website up to date.


Arrange a No Obligation Discovery Call With One of Our Fitness Business Website Experts Today

Are You Ready To Become Our Next Success Story

"The Only People I Would Recommend"

"The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself."

PAUL MORT | Marketing Muscle Inner Circle

Websites for gyms

"Many More Enquiries and Many New Members"

"Before we started working with Internetfitpro I felt like our website was letting us down in terms of leads. I was sceptical about narrowing down our target market but you showed us sites you had created, how they looked before and how they looked now and the increase in leads the new site were now generating.

I have so many more enquiries and many new members since changing our website to Internetfitpro's expertise. We receive complements about the site from existing members on how it now looks and how easy it now is for potential new members to understand what we do. I feel confident when I refer people to our new site, our business has improved because of the investment we made."


Kelly Amelia

"My Accelerate Website Generates Me More Leads and More Money"

"My accelerate website generates so many leads. Last month it generated 88 leads which is incredible plus so appealing to my ideal clients.

You guys have taught me that my clients have a problem and I have the solution and the way you have set up my website has put that across why is why I get me more leads. My website is also really friendly and makes clients feel they can relate to what I do and it's something they want to join.

If you're on the fence 100% go for it because of my Accelerate Website I getting more leads and earning more money from my fitness business."

Kelly Amelia Mcnabb | Kelly Amelia Fitness, Blackpool

Pilates website example

"More Leads Since Our Website Went Live"

"We are so glad we choose to work with Liam, Matt and their team. These guys offer so much more than web design.

We were asked lots of questions and this helped us to work out who we wanted to work with and how to attract that clientele. We were also encouraged to consider what was unique about us and what we offer and this definitely comes across on our new website. Since the website has been live we have received more leads and even our existing members have commented on how brilliant it looks! Thank you for all your help. We will be recommending you to others."


"A Huge Factor in My Success"

"Internet Fit Pro has helped my fitness business massively.. The service level is second to none and the most important aspect is that, unlike many ‘website companies’ out there, Matt and Liam understand things from a Fitness marketing perspective. This is huge in building out your website.

The support package is very useful too, as you can get your tech/marketing questions answered. In addition in the private support forum, you are around others in the same industry, with the same goals as you. Who you are around is a huge factor in success."


"From Zero to 52 New Small Group PT Clients in 12 Months"

"I run a small PT business in Canary Wharf in London. I've been working with Liam and Matt for around 2 years

The biggest benefit for me is being able to convert people from website leads to cash in the bank in my business.

I've gone from generating nothing online to getting 52 new clients from my Accelerate Website in 2021

If you want to generate more leads and actually get more income in your business this 100% works really well"

Noah Behdaoui | NB Fitness, Canary Wharf

Arrange a No Obligation Discovery Call With One of Our Fitness Business Website and Marketing Experts Today