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Maybe you are you not getting enough leads and clients in to your fitness business?

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Do you feel worried that you don't know enough about computers and scared of technology?

Sick & tired of having to work 15 hour days and weekends just to pay the bills?

You need help!

Ask most personal trainers how many clients they get from their website and I bet you they can’t answer it. Usually they either don’t know or the answer is not very many.

Believe it or not most Personal Trainer websites actually suck and not in the way you might imagine.

It actually comes down to not really knowing what they need to put on there to convert website visitors into paying clients and very often many personal trainers will spend big bucks on getting a wet behind the ears web designer to build them a site that looks might look amazing but ultimately it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Our job is to help get people to either pick up the phone or email you and start training with you.

Confused with all the technology options

The problem with the average web designer is that they just don’t understand the fitness industry and you wouldn’t expect them to because they are web designers.

In fact, most web design guys are actually a lot like most personal trainers, they get into web design because they love designing, just like most trainers get into personal training because they love fitness. Also just like most personal trainers, Web designers are usually flat out broke because they don’t understand marketing systems and how to get clients for themselves so they tend to base thie marketing around price and being the cheapes

So my question to you is this:

Why on earth would you trust a guy who’s only marketing tool is that he is the cheapest to design a website for you as a personal trainer and then expect it to be a client magnet?

It’s the same with the free website options that are available to “build your own site”.

That is why we are different, not only have we both had hugely successful boot camps and personal training businesses, we also understand the processes that it takes for a prospect to become a long term paying client

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Paul Mort

The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself.

Paul Mort Marketing Muscle Inner Circle March 22, 2016

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  • We can help you easily get a steady stream of new clients into your fitness or personal training business
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  • Simple and easy to implement strategies for earning more without having to sacrifice your social life and feel like you live in the gym.
  • We'll show you why most personal trainers miss out on higher priced clients because they don't package their services to make them more sellable
  • We'll help you grow your business by moving away from the pay per hour personal training model that most struggling trainers use and towards a sustainable and profitable fitness business model.
  • How you can break free from the big box gyms and earning what you are worth as a personal trainer

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