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December 8, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Do you want more clients in your fitness or personal Training business? Of course you do.

No matter how much you need new (or higher paying) clients for your fitness business, unless you are a complete newbie, then you must have at least 1 client (and know how you got them).

So here's a question and I honestly think that you can add value to.

Yes we all want to learn how to do Facebook ads and get better at copywriting and have a website that converts even more, however that's just one way to get clients.

What if there were 100 ways to get 1 new client and you had these tools at your disposal and you could help other Personal Trainers just like you?

I'll start us off and Ill keep adding to this list until i get to 100, so lets see where we can go with this?

If you have your own strategies post them in the comments below and I'll add them to the list. Just let me know your number 1 top client getting strategy and see how many we can get.

Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas 1-10

  1. Make sure your personal trainer website is listed on Google local business. This will give you the best change of getting on page one for a search like “personal trainer your-town”
  2. Email your past clients and reconnect with them and see if you can get them to come back. A personal letter or phone call is even better.
  3. Get out from behind your laptop and social media and start networking with people who are potential clients.
  4. Ask your current clients for referrals.
  5. Offer everyone who visits your website a trial or a free consultations
  6. Consider using Google Adwords to drive more traffic to your website.
  7. Make sure your website talks about who you help and how you help them. Make the visitor the hero, not the personal trainer.
  8. Install a facebook tracking pixel on your website so that you can re-target site visitors with ads of they don't buy from the 1st visit (and most people won't)
  9. Be crystal clear on who you help. Dont be a jack of all trades personal trainer. Be a specialist.
  10. Consider a joint venture agreement with a local physio or sports massage business.

Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas 11-20

  1. Consider Facebook ads to drive targeted people to your personal trainer website.
  2. Run transformation and weight loss competitions.
  3. Publish exercise and entertaining videos on Youtube.
  4. Build an email list from your website by offering something of value in return for an email address (and email them).
  5. Use Facebook live video to connect with your audience on social media.
  6. Write articles for your local newspaper or online news resource.
  7. Have a referral network of businesses that can refer reciprocal clients to you like physios and hairdressers.
  8. Consider doing lunchtime seminars at local businesses to make them aware that you are the go to personal trainer in your town.
  9. Charge more than your competitors do and never ever compete on price.
  10. Approach your local radio station and offer to get involved in health or exercise phone ins.

and some great ones from Tara Hammett who is in our Accelerate Inner circle

“For me one of the biggest things has been getting from behind the laptop. I've often said I'm going ‘fishing' when I've gone out to big events in the area, local restaurants & bars etc and people always ask questions, watch what I've been eating/drinking etc. Even my midwife has signed up with me. 2) Client referrals 3)Visiting businesses and schools and checking in. 4) Seminars”

Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas 21-30

  1. If you are a personal trainer in a gym, walk the floor and speak to people getting to know them and offering to help them.
  2. Consider transformation contest with a prize for the best results.
  3. Attend events where your potential clients are hanging out

Let me know what you have in the comments section below


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