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Today will probably be the last day at work for most of us this year before we take a bit of time off for the holidays and look to start planning out 2016.

For me I'll be kicking back with my wife's family for a few days and then flying to Ireland on boxing day for a couple days to my family.

I didn't really want to write this email today (or even do any work for that matter). I'm full of cold and I'm jet lagged from my flight back from the states yesterday, but it's by doing
things when you don't want to do them that pushed your business forwards.

Looking back over 2015 here at Internet Fitpro we have more than doubled our business and the plan is to do the same again next year.

We have hit the mythical magical 6 figure target of £100,00 ($150,000) we set last year, but most small business especially in fitness will look at that number and get scared off straight away so I wanted to break it down into what it really looks like.

In the words of Tony Robbins I'm not trying to impress you but trying to impress upon you so that you can do this next year if that is what you want to do:

It's real numbers for real people, not 5 and 6 figure launches and hype that you see from the gooroos.

Here's what it looks like

Firstly we packaged up what we sell which is ultimately lead generating websites for fit pros into a valuable system (The SWAT website system). Most trainers don't do this, they just sell sessions or charge by the hour.

We added over 1000 x email addresses on our email list mostly using Facebook ads for traffic and next year we will be using adwords and youtube vids. (That's only 3 emails a day added to our list when you break it down)

206 x emails sent to our email list, the plan was to send 5 a week which is 260, but just by having a plan we managed to get over 200 which was 4 a week.

50 + Blog posts (1 a week roughly and lot of the time we just recycled our emails)

10 x Video blogs (only started doing this around September)

Over 60 SWAT packages sold at £1,600 which is just over one a week, which involved roughly 130 sales calls with prospects that ultimately means more PT's getting more clients and more leads from their sites.

2 x conferences in the states to learn more about marketing.

4 x mastermind days with our own clients and 3 with masterminds that we are in.

Roughly £10k ($15,000) invested in masterminds and coaching and pushing ourselves forwards to grow not only our business but also ourselves.

12 hour days when needed and days off kicking back to recharge when needed as well which is equally just as important.


That's it in a nutshell, we've had big strides this year but when you break it down its actually been gradual baby steps, we had tough months like May when we had ZERO sales and I've personally had a tough year with my shoulder surgery, but the key is to keep pushing on.

And that's my advice for you in 2016, keep pushing forward, break your business goals into actionable steps and break them down again into monthly goals.

Don't get side tracked by the gurus and their inflated numbers (most of them are lying anyway) and have an awesome Christmas and New year.

Internet Fitpro

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