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Today is a big day, it's transfer deadline day in football or soccer as our American friends across the pond like to call it.

It's pretty important because it's the last chance teams will get to improve their squads before the end of the season or get rid of the players on big wages who are not performing.

But there there are a couple of important business lessons in here that you can apply to your fitness business.

Biz lesson 1:

The Stats don't Lie (ever)

Football is all about stats. tables, goals scored, chances created, key passes!

Most trainers don't even know where most of their clients come from let alone how many visitors they got to their website and how many converted. “Referrals” is the standard answer for “I haven't got a clue”.

So anyway back to football, it's actually pretty simple, teams know what they need because their league position tells them.

Haven't scored enough goals? They need to invest in a goal scorer.

A bit leaky at the back? Easy, a no nonsense defender is probably the answer.

Not creating enough chances? Looks like you need a creative midfielder.

But there is another hugely important factor at work here as well.

Biz lesson 2

Teams will pay well above the market value for a player in January.

Prices go up in the January window and when you think about it, this actually makes perfect sense.

Teams are desperate to improve to either win trophies or avoid the dreaded relegation and other teams are less willing to sell, especially to their rivals.

The demand outweighs the supply and that my friend is when prices go up and how you can charge more as a coach or trainer.

It's why someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or even Joe Wicks could open a PT business in your town tomorrow and charge 10 times the market average.

You wouldn't hear them complaining that no one could afford their prices, because people would be queuing round the block to work with both of them, happy to pay their prices with a big fecking smile on their faces as they hand over their cash.

Because they have created their own markets, with zero competition.

They have their own niche and their own brand instead of conforming into the “£30 an hour” “train anyone who wants to work with me” crowd.

And the magic about this approach is that you get to say no to the people you don't want to work with:

The whiners, the moaners and the complainers and the people who can't afford you.

You can get started here

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