7 killer blog ideas for bootcamps and personal trainers

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Are you a new instructor or personal trainer who wants to attract new customers fast?  Maybe you've been a trainer for a while and have run out of ideas on what to write about in your blog?

One of the best ways to bring people to you and create a tribe of raving fans is by putting out content that people connect to.

That means writing about stuff that people really want to know about and sharing your genius to help them.

It works on the basic psychological principle of reciprocity.  That means if you give something of value they'll want to give me something of value in return, like their business!

Blogging gives your audience a chance to get to know you, to connect with you and ultimately decide if they want to work with you.

This is your time to showcase your knowledge and personality to potential clients and this blog is packed with the top 7 killer blog ideas that will help build your tribe.

We have based these ideas on the top Google searches, meaning this is content people are actually searching for right now.

Yes!  We've already done the research for you so all you have to do is write.  Take a look at these blog titles and tips on writing a blog that creates customers.


The Best Diet For Weight Loss

Here’s where you get to myth bust and lay out the facts.  

Give people huge value by setting out the best diet for weight loss as you see it.  

Now this could be something as simple as showing why being in a calorie deficit works.  

Take away the complication for people and show them how simple your plan is to follow.  

You could even do a review of the most popular diet plans and show why the work or not long term.


How to Lose Weight Fast

This is one of the most popular search terms with nearly a million hits a month!  

That tells me that people want results and quick!  

So how do you help people lose weight fast?  

Or is it a bad idea because they will revert back to old habits and you know a better way?

 And as blog ideas for bootcamps and personal trainers go this is a top shout.

So how does your program help people to achieve fast weight loss and why does it work?  Maybe you're against rapid weight loss and you want to write a controversial piece on why it's a bad idea?


Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Is there such a thing as a fat burning food?  

People are actively searching for this so you have a question to answer here.  

Does such a unicorn exist or is it fad diet propaganda?  It’s time to set out your stall and answer the naysayers.  

You could use this blog to list out top 10 fat burning foods or you could start to talk about how the food you eat doesn't matter but the calorie deficit does.

Are some foods good and some foods bad?  Be brave is telling people what you believe in.

Are carbs killing your weight loss?

There are variations on the search for this from ‘no-carb diet’ to ‘carb loading’.  

People are confused about carbs so you have a real opportunity to help them understand why carbs are good or bad.  

Just go easy on the science.  Keep it simple to understand and apply in their everyday life.

So don't get drawn into the ins and outs of carbs processing in the body unless you're aiming for bodybuilders.  Just keep it simple with should I have a sandwich for lunch or is there a better option?


Quick Weight Loss Tips

Another highly searched term.  

You might now agree with them but people want the magic pill of quick weight loss.  

So how about a post on the top 7 ways to lose weight quickly?  

This doesn’t have to go against your morals just simple things people can do to activate weight loss that fits simply into their life.

You might include things like eat in a calorie deficit, exercise, sleep or stress management.  All of these can help people get in shape but put the emphasis on the speed at which you can get people results.


The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

How do I get the best result in the smallest amount of effort?  

That’s essentially what people are asking here.  

So how do I get the most for my money so to speak.  

What type of workout will get results?

(Hint:  This is the perfect opportunity to pitch what you do after you’ve added great value)

Why do you include the exercises you do in your workouts?  Because they get results rapidly!


How to Lose Weight in a Week

Let’s make this time focused and say in one week what can you do to start dropping weight?  

I know people who are devastated they ‘only’ lost 2lb in a week.  

Use this blog to set expectations on what is realistic and help people to see that a small incremental weight loss of 1lb week after week is achievable, enjoyable and rewarding.


So there you have 7 blog ideas for bootcamps and personal trainers.

Why not try and create one blog per week for the next 7 weeks and see how many clients you can attract?

A great way to get people to read your blogs is to share them on social media.

If you have a small budget you can even use Facebook or Google ad's to pay for people to visit your blog.

Remember the goal here is to take someone from not knowing anything about you to feeling like they want to do business with you.

Super quick bonus tip

When writing a blog use the following formula:  Problem > Agitate > Solve.

That means you start off by describing the problem your reader is experiencing.

You then agitate that problem a little bit.

And provide a solution (your solution).

Let's take an example of how to do that from one of the suggested titles.

How to Lose Weight Fast

If you've ever looked at the scales and decided now is the time to lose weight fast then read every word of this blog.

PROBLEM [looking at the scales causes a problem because they don't like what they see]

Discover how women just like you who have more than a stone to lose and are breathless hanging the washing out are losing weight fast, and you can too.

AGITATE [more than a stone to lose and are breathless hanging the washing out]

Here are my simple tips to lose weight fast that you can implement today and be lighter by the end of this week

SOLVE [Go on to write up your tips]

You'll notice I have also put words in bold throughout the sentence, these are the terms people are searching for.  Now you don't need to bold them in your blog, I'm simply doing that to show you how to work in search terms to the blog so it will show up higher in Google.

So go ahead and start writing your key blog content today.


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