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Got an email on Friday afternoon from smart investment minded Personal Trainer Ben Cobbett who invested in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website Program last year.

Ben works with Fat Dads to get them in shape.

“I've been meaning to send you this recently but your emails have jogged my memory again

I set up a ‘fat to fit dad' class when you guys did my site, (to be honest I'm nowhere near maximizing all of the benefits of the site as I'm so busy now) so now looking at ways of leveraging time etc..that's another story all together

Anyway, I advertised the fat dad class for several days on Facebook as an initial free trial and had shed loads of people apply.

Ran the trial, great success and so filled the first proper class easily…
15 guys in a village hall for an hour

I've now set it up as a 10 week course (into the 3rd phase) and so far in total I've had seven one-one clients sign up with me having at least two sessions a week, 4 of these guys are bored dads who want to fill time in the day so have a session every day Monday-Friday.

So in a nutshell I'm now working 5 hours a month (running my classes at) £190 per hour.

The spin off clients from the fat dad class mean my PT income has literally doubled (also due to the fact I grew a pair and increased my prices- no one batted an eye lid by the way) so the genuine problem I have now is to dump some of my long term clients of an evening who are taking up the time where I could be running the fat dad classes. Yes, potentially looking at others running them but the enquiries I am getting are that they want to work with me personally.

So, I want to say thank you to you and Matt.

Obviously we all want to earn as much as we can, buy a yacht and live in a country mansion but without going all too deep on you the massive thing for me is that my wife and I had another child in November and just from me working an hour a week with my fat dad class will mean she doesn't have to go back to 12 hour shifts as a nurse.

She can now spend more time with the kids and we have a happier family all round so basically yes great to earn all the extra money blah blah blah but the huge kick up the backside you guys have given me means a lot more than a few extra pennies (although we both pick up brand new cars next week too! Ha ha)

Considering my initial investment was £1500 with you guys and I haven't even scratched the surface then I'd say it was pretty much money well spent and also I'm now confident that even if I did feel a quiet spell was coming up then I have the tools and know how to fill the diary reasonably easily”

There you have it straight from the horses mouth.

It's not just that you get when you invest in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website
System. Its also the tools and skills to build your fitness business the way you want and charge what you are worth as a Personal Trainer..

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