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I'm in what I can only describe as a philosophical mood today. I wasn't actually going to write this to you today, but it's the one thing that I make sure I do in my business every day.

So yesterday morning at 5 am we unfortunately lost my wife's mother to breast cancer.

She was only 64 and had been battling it for over 15 years. Being witness to this, especially over the last few days in the hospital had really made me think about what's really important in business and in life and I got to thinking about a stat I saw a few weeks back.

It's from a pretty famous info marketer and copy writer called Dan Kennedy.

He said that over 90% of people who buy an info product or online course never do anything with it. I know that I've certainly been guilty of that in the past. He also said it's not the marketers responsibility to worry about that.

But I think that this is the problem with the whole gooroo industry.

Someone asked me yesterday if our SWAT website system was a course and my reply was that it sort of is.

It's a course that coaches you to give us the content for your personal trainer website and then we get our web guys to develop it and the result is as we say a kick ass Personal Trainer Website for your fitness business.

After that we show you how to use it, to get new leads and new clients.

But some people, don't take action. Don't give us the content, don't reach out for help don't invest in some targeted traffic to their website once its finished.

They let their ego's get in the way of moving their business forwards when all they have to do is take action and ask for help.

I don't want you to be in the 90%.

I want you to be in the 10%.

The 10% that takes action, moves forward one step at a time and builds your business into what YOU want it to be.

Not what the gooroos tell you it should be.

You can do it your way, but most of all DO IT.

Just take the required action to get where you want to be and ask for directions on the way if you get lost.

That's why we have the Inner Circle for SWAT members. A group of 90 other fitness professional who knows where you have been and where you want to get to.

That's also why we have a new accountability regime in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System that includes 1-1 help when you need it, from either me, Matt and our newest team members Aimee (tell you about her tomorrow)



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