Internet Fitpro can help you grow your business

  • Maybe you’re a personal trainer or coach, who just doesn’t get on with technology
  • Maybe you aren’t sure what to put on your website
  • Or you just want to have a guide that you can follow, showing you the best way to craft our online presence.
  • You may just want to save time and effort by having someone else do the tech work for you.

Being able to attract leads online is vitally important for the growth of your business.

Gathering leads is only the first step in, the real magic happened when you start turning those leads into paying clients

Clients who will you will want to work with, who will pay you what you are worth and want to earn.

We can show you how it is possible to attract people into your business and make sure they are the type of client you want so you don’t end up feeling like you are selling your soul

As  Personal Trainers ourselves we know what it’s like

Our backgrounds in personal training, boot camps and working in big box gyms mean we understand what it’s like. The perpetual hunt for the next client, working early mornings, and late nights. Dealing with client cancelling and trying to stay up to date on your training knowledge.

All on top of trying to learn the latest marketing tactics, and often being over whelmed with information that leads to inactivity.

We are Liam Thompson & Matt Murphy, personal trainers, bootcamp owners and founders of Internet Fitpro, the place coaches go to get no nonsense help getting online and with a clear effective message.

Here’s why you should listen to us

  • Nearly 20 years of combined experience in the fitness industry working in many areas of the business, so we know what is needed for a business to succeed.
  • Been there got the T-shirt with crap web designers and poor online messages, we understand what not to put in your online messages and more importantly the components you need to attract clients online.
  • Experts at making the complicated simple – we are coaches, not tech geniuses that speak in code, complicated words or clingon, so can help you understand the what, why and how of your online marketing.
  • We have spent over £30/40k alone in the last 3 years mentoring, studying and coaching with experts in fitness marketing and online digital marketing around the word so we can pass on the latest & best information around.
  • We can guide you away from the pitfalls and mistakes we have made or seen others make that prevent you from attracting the right type of clients into your business.
  • We’ve helped 70+ trainers and coaches develop their online identity to promote themselves online

So how the hell did we become web developers?

When two slightly techy personal trainers (there is a little disagreement about which of us is the techier one) met in Birmingham, there was a lot of discussion about how we had been let down by web developers who just didn’t understand the fitness industry or even marketing in general.

Out of desperation we had both independently started to do our own websites and take care of the technology that many are fearful of. A further meeting in Portugal 3 years ago (while on a mentoring weekend) led us to to realise not only were we now taking care of our own business online we had started to help other coaches and trainers out with not just the technology but also how they should put their marketing message online.

Shortly after Internet Fitpro was born.

If you are ready to start getting clients on autopilot online then

Apply for a strategy call

My name is Liam Thompson and I’m the strategic half of Internet Fitpro.I live in Wilmslow in Cheshire which is just outside Manchester in the North of England but I’m originally from

My name is Matt Murphy – the supposedly techy one of Internet Fitpro and manager of the design team.I live near Watford, and currently still operate my PT studio in Ruislip. I grew up in Harr

The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself.

Paul Mort
Marketing Muscle Inner Circle

The support and guidance I've received from Liam, Matt and their team is second to none, and they REALLY understand the Irish and UK market in a way other “fitness business” website providers do not. An IFP client doesn't just get a website, but a total marketing, Facebook, and new client generation plan too. Definitely get the highest recommendation from me.

James Hanley
Revolution Fitness Dublin

I was at rock bottom - I was really struggling to get in front of my target audience, flyering, Google Adwords just weren't working - I was broke and really scared! - I knew Facebook was a powerful tool but had absolutely no idea how to implement it and get leads. I saw an ad on Facebook which exactly described my situation - I finally got in touch with Internet Fitrpo. Liam called me as soon as I filled out the form and I knew within 5 minutes he and Matt could help! Fast forward 2 weeks and I have 50 leads in my inbox PLUS 25 HOT leads. 5 of these are booked into my diary for next week. Matt & Liam are knowledgeable, understanding and genuinely want to help, for me this is the start of a life long partnership. I feel excited and happy about the future and cannot believe I was so close to quitting 2 weeks ago! I highly recommend them to PT's and fitness pros that want to create a sustainable business with quality leads and learn how to do this long term! I cannot thank the boys enough!

Naomi Gibson
Girls in Gloves

Internet Fit Pro has helped my business massively in the last 12 months.

The service level is second to non and the most important aspect is that, unlike many ‘website companies’ out there, Matt and Liam understand things form a Fit Pro marketing perspective. This is huge in building out your site.

The support package is very useful too, as you can get your tech/marketing questions answered. In addition in the private support forum, you are around others in the same industry, with the same goals as you. Who you are around is a huge factor in success.

Russ Meadows
RM Fitness, Wigan