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We Work with Fitness Businesses Just like You

  • Personal trainers, boutique studios and bootcamps who want to grow their business using the internet and social media, who want to know the most effective way to do this.
  • Many of the fitness businesses we work with have been let down by “one man band, part time “web designers” or expensive agencies who don't understand the fitness industry or how to market a fitness business online.
  • You don’t really understand or want to learn the website technology or the marketing. You just want to have a lead generating web site and a team of experts to look after it for you.
  • If like many of our clients you got into the fitness industry because you had a love of helping people get amazing results, not a love of marketing or writing sales copy. If you're like this and not sure what to put on your website to attract new clients, then you're in the right place..
  • If you just want to invest in a simple yet powerful, step by step website system that you can follow, revealing the easiest way to attract new leads via your website every single day, then read on...

The Secret Formula To A Website That Grows Your Fitness Business

Success in any field is never accidental and never an overnight success despite what the uninformed majority of the public think. Behind every success is a not so secret, secret to success.

Could you imagine Batman without his trusted Alfred and Commissioner Gordon watching his back, or building the latest Batmobile for him to use.

How do you think Luke Skywalker would have fared against the Dark Side without the help of Yoda, Han Solo and the rest of the Rebel Alliance?

That’s the secret formula. The people who have the most success, have the right team behind them, even if they look like they are doing it on their own.

People like 5 times Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton, whose Mclaren Team consist of over 2,000 coaches, technicians, mechanics and pit crew.

These Fitness Business Owners Found Their Team

When Fitness Coach Naomi Gibson was at rock bottom, close to quitting the industry and struggling to attract any new clients.

Little did she know that within 2 weeks of her new fitness website going live that she would have 75 new leads and 5 new personal training clients booked into her diary for the next very week.

Naomi knew then that she had found the right team to help her succeed, feel excited in the industry again and positive about her future.

Even though Technophobe Personal Trainer and Self Defence expert Chris Vance had no idea about how to generate leads from a web site or how to market his fitness business online.

There was only one team that Chris approached to provide him the support he needed to grow his Krav Maga business and finally take a weight off his mind.

Chris had found his team.

When Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Owner Matt Frucci finally realised he didn't get into personal training to be a web developer after wasting weeks trying to do it himself, he decided he needed to hire the right team so he could spend more time doing his actual job (training people). 

Matt now focuses his time on coaching clients, his family and not getting frustrated with technology or websites, while helping more people than he ever thought possible. Matt had found the right team.

At Internet Fitpro, we’ve assembled a team with a single mission in mind:

Many personal trainers and fitness business owners struggle to attract quality clients on a regular basis. At Internet Fitpro we design and build client attracting websites using our clear and simple system that clarifies your message, establishing you on the path to a thriving and profitable fitness business.

Meet the Players

Liam Thompson

Fitness Marketing Strategist

Former Fitness Business Owner and 7 figure Sports Nutrition Entrepreneur. Director Liam is our Fitness Marketing Strategist, Facebook Ads Expert and Sales Copy Writer. Liam is also the Author of Amazon 5 Star Rated book on small business marketing “The Clarity Project”.

Matt Murphy

Website Strategy Expert

Matt is our bearded Website Strategy Expert, long distance swimmer and a former personal trainer and fitness studio owner. Director Matt is our go to team member for sales funnels and our fitness membership website expert.


Project Manager

Leanne manages and oversees all projects ensuring everything runs smoothly.


Tech Support

Web Developer Extraordinaire and avid Netflix binge watcher, Raj manages our tech support desk and is always on hand to make website changes and edits for our clients. On top of that he looks after our Server Management, Website updates and is responsible for making sure your website runs smoothly and stays online 24/7.


Web & Graphic Designer

Jay is our main designer of awesome websites and branding for your fitness business.

We Make The Complicated Simple

Here at IFP won't speak in technical jargon just to try and impress you. We want to help you understand the what, why and how of marketing your fitness or personal training business from your new website.

Our mission is to help you grow your fitness business faster, not matter if it's a personal training studio, boot camp or yoga studio.

When you make the decision to invest in one of our lead generating websites we promise to guide you away from the common pitfalls many fitpros make on their fitness business websites.

The type of mistakes that prevent you from attracting the right type of clients into your fitness business.

Coming from successful careers in personal training, owning and running boot camps as well as working in commercial gyms on top of helping hundreds of fitness businesses grow means we understand the challenges of working in fitness while attracting clients and growing your business.

Hundreds of Fitness Business Websites, Thousands of Leads

Since 2013, Internet Fitpro have designed an built over 250 business building websites for personal trainers, boutique gyms, boot camp and fitness studio owners. 

Our Accelerate lead generating fitness business websites with marketing support have helped fitness business owners all over the world attract tens of thousands of new leads and thousands of clients.  Freeing them from technology and allowing them get on with running their business while having a positive impact on people's health, fitness and changing lives.

Are You Ready for Our Team to Become Your Team?