How I accidently nearly stole your clients

I learned a costly lesson this week when I was doing some Facebook ads for my personal training and boot camp business here in Manchester. By the time I had realised my mistake I had spent over £100.


I decided to run a special give away to get more people on my list. The giveaway was an emotionl eating document that I was sending out in exchage for an email address. (You should be doing this).

As well as that on the thank you page i had an application form for a free trial. This is another cool way of not wasting your thankyou page and getting yourleads to give you more details.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

I set up a sponsored post and promoted it to people who like my page as well as their friends.
Feeling rather smug, I waited for the email addresses and taster week requests to come rolling in and boy they did.

I actually have added over 200 people to my email list since the start of the year, but what I totally forgot was that lots of my fitpro Facebook friends also like my page so I was marketing to their friends, clients and ex clients.

In fact I actually got requests from people all over the country and when i checked out their details on facebook I could see that lots of them were friends of personal trainers I know in different parts of the country.

SO there you go there are 2 lessons I've learned from this.

Don't invite other trainers to like your facebook page. In actual fact don't focus on like. You should always be trying to get people on your email list and get them a way from the noise of Facebook.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

You need more targeted in your ads and nail down your demographics. I was just being lazy at the time and it cost me. here is no point someone in London seeing your ads if your boot camp is in Manchester.

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