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"From Zero to 52 New Small Group PT Clients in 12 Months"

"I run a small PT business in Canary Wharf in London. I've been working with Liam and Matt for around 2 years. The biggest benefit for me is being able to convert people from website leads to cash in the bank in my business.

I've gone from generating nothing online to getting 52 new clients from my Accelerate Website in 2021.

If you want to generate more leads and actually get more income in your business this 100% works really well."

Noah Behdaoui | Personal Trainer

Canary Wharf, London

Kelly Amelia

"My Accelerate Website Generates Me More Leads and More Money"

"My accelerate website generates so many leads. Last month it generated 88 leads which is incredible plus so appealing to my ideal clients.

You guys have taught me that my clients have a problem and I have the solution and the way you have set up my website has put that across why is why I get me more leads. My website is also really friendly and makes clients feel they can relate to what I do and it's something they want to join.

If you're on the fence 100% go for it because of my Accelerate Website I getting more leads and earning more money from my fitness business."

Kelly Amelia Mcnabb | Kelly Amelia Fitness


Chris McCombs Testimonial

"Made My Life Easier and a My Business Smoother to Run""

"I've been let down by a lot of web developers over the years. Either they took forever, or screwed a bunch of stuff up and didn't take responsibility for it, you name it. I was recently looking to re-launch my website. I asked around for a good developer and a number of people said Liam and Matt would get me squared away. After reviewing estimates from a number of companies and developers I chose to go with Internet Fit Pro. And I'm so happy I did because they were fast, professional, and catered to OCD which I think a lot of developers would find overwhelming.

I've been marketing online since 2004 and am hyper-specific on how I want things. I make my living online so I take my websites very seriously. It's how I feed my family. Well, I was BEYOND pleased with the work Internet Fit Pro did.. I'm super happy with the website and am damn amazed by how smoothly it went. There were a few complex things I needed done, and I couldn't have been happier with how they handled it. Internet Fit Pro has made my life easier and my business smoother to run.

Couldn't recommend a web dev service more. By the way, they did NOT ask for this testimonial. I was so happy with the job they did I wanted to let people know how satisfied I am with the service."

Big Chris McCombs | Fitness Marketing Expert

"I Didn’t Get Into Personal Training to Be a Web Developer"

"I wasted weeks trying to do it myself...until I realized that if I just got professionals to do it, I could spend more time doing my actual I didn’t get into personal training to be a web developer. I can focus my time on my coaching and family not getting frustrated with technology or websites. Because of Liam and Matt at Internet Fitpro I’ve helped more people than I ever thought possible."

MatT Frucci | Frucci Fit Personal Training