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"My Fitness Sessions Are Jam Packed, and Membership Is at Capacity"

"I used to waste time trying to design websites that looked shocking. I’d spend weeks trying to create something and when I did, it would collect me no leads and no sales. It was frustrating spending so much spare time trying do something that didn’t work.

I got referred to Internet Fitpro, and straight away I knew that they knew what they’re were talking about and that they weren’t just graphic designers. They told me exactly what I needed on my website to collect new clients. It was refreshing and they were very helpful.

The moment my site was live we had emails coming in here and there enquiring about our services. They were from the demographic of people who I wanted to train. Now my group fitness sessions are jam packed, and membership is at capacity. My site brings in the leads and it’s simply up to me or my assistant to get them on board so we can wow them. For me that’s the easy part, and I leave fiddly websites firmly alone."

Michael Grey | Fit Body Formula

"I Now Have a Stable Business"

"For the past year I attempted to generate leads with my own ads and help groups which resulted in either zero or minimal success.  This left me frustrated and genuinely worried for the future stability of my business.  The continued support means I now feel more positive in the direction my business is heading and feel I can get that stability I badly want. Which had seemed like a pipe dream."

Dave Roebuck | Roebuck Personal Training

"Everything You Need to Get New Clients and More Money"

"Well, when started I was pretty much ready to throw the towel train up as I didn't really know how to find new clients.

I was at the point where I didn't really believe if I was right to be a self employed trainer, but since joining with Internet Fitpro they've pretty much taught me everything I know about marketing, sales and advertising and everything you need to really get new clients and more money.

The fact is, if you want to be a good trainer, you have to you have to learn about those things, and that's what Internet Fitpro can provide for you. My income has increased drastically and I'm in a far better place. So I would recommend them to any trainer who really wants to take their business to the next level."

Jerome Rietveld | Personal Trainer

"I’m Not Techie in the Slightest"

"I had no idea about how to generate leads from a web site or how to market online.  There is so much confusing info, i am not techie in the slightest and if honest don’t have the patience for it.   What has helped me is the support and info you guys provide. There are tutorials for most of what I needed to know or we can get the support should we need it.

It's definitely taken a weight off. "

Chris Vance | Shield Fitness