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August 20, 2014     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

I'm guessing you didn't get decide to get into personal training as a business. I know I definitely didn't.

In fact actually got into personal training late in my mind 30's so i was always aware that i didn't want to be an older personal trainer training clients into my 40's (I'm 39 next month)

Initially started working in a commercial gym, walking the floor, getting clients in for taster sessions and then selling to them in a free consultation.

I didn't realize it at the time but it was a sales funnel for getting clients into my business. (more on that later)

Walk the Floor > Chat To Member > Offer Free Taster > Sell the 1st session of PT

The only problem back then was that I was selling sessions by the hour.

I would sign a client up but i was never quite sure whether they would still be a client by the end of the month. I would go from client to client and would take on any one even if i felt that they were not a good fit for me. (bad idea)

So what changed?

Well i was stuck in my gym bubble working with other trainers who had the same mind set as me and no idea of what you could actually do in fitness other than work in a gym.

I spent my last £400 on a ticket and a hotel for a fitness entrepreneurs seminar and invested £3000 of money I didn't have on courses to help me get better in fitness business. One was a huge wastes of money (lesson learned) but the other one was Paul Mort's Boot Camp Empire, that showed me how to set up a boot camp and cut down on 1-1 training.

It was a turning point in my fitness career, got me out of the negative gym environment where everybody was struggling for clients and its also where I met some really cool and inspiring people that I'm still friends and even business partners with.

I was hugely out of my comfort zone at the time.

I started boot camp in the local park with 1 paying customer, my girlfriend (now wife) and her friend. We now have over 40 members in our boot camps over 2 sessions and I will only take on a pt client if they can fit into my schedule.

So whats the moral of the story?

Get out from behind your keyboard, go meet some like minded ambitious people, invest in you and your business and some day you will look back and wonder what all the stress was about. Learn how to sell, how to market yourself and how to package your services so that everyone wins.

Want to do it faster, then find someone who has been where you have been and is now achieving what you want to achieve. It's the easiest shortcut to success in any area of your life and business.






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