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Something that fascinates me in the fitness and personal training industry is the psychology behind sales and selling.

Let me explain what I mean

Did you know the average salary for a PT in the UK is actually less than £16k?

That's actually less than you can earn flipping burgers in MacDonalds or shelf stacking in your local supermarket.

Some trainers even have to find other ways of supplementing their income

I even saw a trainer on Facebook a last year ago flogging duty free
cigarettes (100% true story).

That's nearly as dodgy as the trainers selling Herbalife or Juice Plus supplements to clients. 😉

Why is they need to sell their souls to earn a living?

Why are most trainers broke all the time and living in a world of scarcity?

The answer is fear my friend.

They afraid to sell, afraid to invest in their business, afraid to invest in advertising and afraid to
ask clients for money.

Always (wrongly) choosing the cheapest option to save try and save money.

Here is what I mean:

Remember the fairy liquid ads on TV when you were a kid?

Fairy was by far more expensive but managed to get through lot more dishes than the cheaper options.

It's always false economy to go for the cheaper or even the free option.

Sooner or later you're gonna have to pay again!

We get clients who invested in cheaper PT web options that didn't get them any leads and now they have come back to us, not only have they missed out on potential leads and clients they have to pay twice.

Just like in the Fairy Ad, Its False economy

Invest in your business and get yourself in an investment mindset.

Invest in learning how to sell and market your services. If you can do these two things you will be miles ahead of your competition.

They will still be selling pt by the hour and pay as you go group sessions and you will be charging top whack for your bespoke group sessions or transformation packages.

After all you can't expect your clients to invest top dollar in you if you don't invest in yourself.

It's that simple.

Invest in getting a website that is designed to get you leads and clients and that will PAY FOR ITSELF.


Internet Fitpro

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