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One of the biggest mistakes that fitness trainers make when it comes to selling fitness and personal training is that they try and sell based on what their clients need or even worse what they think their clients need.

Far easier to sell training based on giving them what they want or reaching out to their desires.

Case in point:

Yesterday myself and Mrs Liam went shopping for some baby stuff at a specialist baby shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Stuff we need, or at least will need in the next few months, but we didn't buy anything (at least not yet).

Instead on the way out up in the Nespresso shop, to have a look round and maybe grab some coffee capsules for our Machine.

What we ended up with was a set of 15 boxes of coffee pods, 3 boxes of espresso pods, a latte cup and saucer set, a milk frother and a de-scaler for the machine.

Total cost £80 (about $120)

Personally I had no plan to buy any coffee or coffee accessories yesterday, but when I got into the store I really wanted them and the sales guy pushed me along with some nice upsells.

I didn't need any of it, but I defo wanted it.

^^^ That my friend is the real reason why people buy your fitness training.

Mostly because they want it or they want the result and the feeling of the result.

Ever tried to sell fitness to someone who needs it but doesn't want it?

It's a tough sell..

Liam “Caffeine Junkie” Thompson

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