Car salesman tries to get one over on me

This week I've been looking at getting a new car. Unfortunately the sport Scirocco can't easily take a baby seat in the back so Mrs Liam is insisting that we change it to something “more sensible”.

So it looks like we are going to have to get one of those SUV's. I'm still trying to plead the case for a Ford Mustang, although I'm pretty sure the car seat isn't going to fit in there either.

So SUV it is then.

Anyway I popped into VW yesterday to take a test drive on their new Tiguan and inquire about buying it.

The salesman's eyes lit up when he saw me coming in and with my wife heavily pregnant. Test drive was great and I said I was interested and asked him if he could get me some numbers.

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This is where it went badly wrong for him.

The only number he was interested in was the monthly payment, where I wanted to know total cost ie how much I was actually paying for the car.

He even added on some Gap insurance at £750 and paint protection at £1,000 and tried to hide. Sneaky as hell IMHO.

^^^^ That's where he lost my trust in the process and I decided I wasn't buying it (at least from him).

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Focusing on the number of new clients when what you really should be looking at is profit.

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