"A Steady Stream of Potential New Customers"

Michael Gray

The Fit Body Formula

The Fit Body Formula

VVS Fitness "help busy female professionals lose weight, tone up, and get their energy back, so they feel more confident and sexy."

The Challenge

Val Sikora, founder/owner of VVS Fitness needed a website that expressed her personality and brand. She needed something fun, energetic and explosive to tell her target audience who she was and how she could help them.

Val was in need of new clients. She was struggling to get leads and grow as a business. Not only was here website not performing, her brand didn't show off her personality. 

The Solution

We started by rebranding her business. We wanted to ensure her brand was fun, energetic and explosive.

We created a minimal and memorable logo.....

Michael Gray

The Fit Body Formula

A Steady Stream of Potential New Customers

"I used to waste time trying to design websites that looked shocking. I’d buy a domain name, buy hosting and have no idea how to connect it all up. Let alone plug in a design and create a design I was happy with. I’d spend weeks trying to create something, and when I did, it would get me no leads and no sales. I had a website, which sounded cool but it did nothing for me.

It was frustrating spending so much spare time trying to do something that rewarded me eventually with nothing. I’m a hands-on guy, I like to do things myself, but I spent far to much time on something that didn’t work.

I got referred to Matt and Liam, and straight away I knew that they knew what they’re were talking about and that they weren’t just graphic designers. They told me exactly what I needed on my site to collect new clients. Which a pretty website doesn’t. It was refreshing and they were very helpful.

The moment my site was live and I started running traffic to it, we started getting people reach out for trials. We had emails coming in here and there enquiring about our services, and they were from the demographic of people who I wanted to train. That’s when I knew, I could have a steady stream of potential new customers.

I’ve been with Matt and Liam for years now. I have a website that consistently churns out enquiries. In fact, I’ve had the same site for probably 4 years and I’ve not needed to touch it, and it still reels in new customers. My group fitness sessions are jam-packed, and membership wise I’m at capacity. My site brings in the leads and it’s simply up to me or my assistant to get them on board so we can wow them. For me, that’s the easy part, and I leave fiddly websites firmly alone.

Can I also add, that service is second to none.

Honestly, when I reach out for urgent website help you both rock. Which I think is sooo important, because when a website isn’t working properly it can taking ages to sort out. And when you guys get on it straight away, you’re absolute saviours. Especially when a promotion is starting and it’s like wtf! I think that’s by far my favourite bit about you guys, is the turnaround is so fast, and we don’t have to wait days for something to get sorted. It stands out a lot."

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