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February 18, 2013     /    Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

So if you are doing business face to face with a potential its easy to create a sense of urgency with someone. Sales people do this stuff all the time with special offers, 24 hour sales and limited editions.


Car salesmen and travel agents are great as this tactic , trying to create a sense or urgency on price and scarcity on the product becasue they want you to sign up there and then. Big box gyms even do this by claiming their special priced membership is only available that day and if you dont sign up there and then you will miss out. The reason why they do this is because it works. Subconsciously we don't want to miss out on the offer if it appears to be scarce.

The thing is if people are finding your business online then how can you transfer that same sense of urgency to the people on their laptops.

Well if you are using WordPress for your fitness website (which you should be) then there is a plugin that you can install that will do exactly that.

Watch the video below then check out the plugin page at the bottom of this post to see how it works and how it can help create a sense of urgency and have more people sign up to your boot camps or classes.

WordPress One Time Offer Plugin is the tool that I'm currently using that allows you to show an offer on your website that creates a sense of scarcity with a great value offer. This can be set to any time and one the timer runs out the offer will be gone forever.


This will work either for your online membership program (if you have one) or your boot camp  You just need to make sure that the offer is so good that they have no choice but to accept it there and then.

You can check it out using the affiliate link below. I've personally used this and will only recommend plugins that I would use myself. This is a great investment at only $35 and it will probably pay for itself on day 1.

One Time Offer Home Page



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