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January in football world is when the transfer window opens and teams have a chance to improve their squad by adding some new additions and strengthening their squad. Being a football manager in January and being a personal trainer isn't actually that different.

Both jump on a recruitment drive for a few weeks and the new recruits join up full of enthusiasm which soon wanes.

Take David Moyes, manager of bottom of the Premier League Sunderland Football Club as an example. He is taking this to a whole new level and to be honest it's not entirely his fault becasue he has no money to invest.

So what is he doing?

He is bringing in players that did a decent job for him at his old club, Everton, back in 2008.

Problem is thought that these players are 8 years older, they had better players around them at the time and they are approaching the end of their carreers. Its wated money as they will have no resale value. Not only that, but teams around them are investing in younger players and they have improved as well so there is more competition? He is a man who hasn't moved on.

Any of that sound familiar or sound like a trainer you know?

Always struggling for new clients and business
Relying on the January rush to grow your business
Not willing to invest in growing and improving
Still relying on the same stuff that might have worked years ago but either didn't work then or doesn't work now
More competition in your town and other trainers growing faster than you because they are willing to invest
Wondering what you are going to do once January subsides

You can get started for just 497 on a brand new client generating website plus a marketing system to attract a steady steam of new clients into your business.

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