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Just this morning I working out at the gym I use near my house.

It’s the David Lloyd gym in Cheadle just outside Manchester.

It was about 8:30am which is my favourite time of day to work out. The gym is usually quiet as the office workers have already left for work and it’s still too early for the gangster types as they are still in bed.

There was only one trainer working through which was cool as it was quiet but he wasn’t training anyone…….He was cleaning the equipment.

He cleaned every single piece of equipment in there, from the dumbbells to the smith machines, while I was working out.

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Now I’m not sure about you but I bet he didn’t get into the fitness industry to spend his Tuesday morning cleaning machines?

It actually made me a little bit sad inside.

Personal Trainers should train people and spend the majority of their days doing that.

Trainers can earn £40-£50 and hour training clients, so why would they spend their time doing jobs that you can pay someone to do for £7 an hour. It doesn't make sense.

Same goes with your website for your training business. For just £97 a month we will build your website and show you exactly how to maximise it to get clients from it.

Even just  1 new client a month from the site should be a return on that investment of at least £900 a month if you do 1-1 training.

People who understand this are investment minded not opportunity minded.  Are you investing in your business or just looking for a cheap deal?

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

Would you rather have clients that invest in their health or someone who wants the cheapest personal trainer in town and who jump from Groupon deal to Groupon deal?

I know which one I would choose.

Liam “Best Value But Definitely Not The Cheapest” Thompson

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