May 6, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Ok so as a personal trainer maybe you haven't been to McDonald's in a while, but when you do go, have you ever noticed that want to flog you a meal rather than just the burger and then when they do that, they try and get you to buy a large one?

Same thing happens with supermarkets who sell meal deals and even restaurants who try and hook you a 3 course special.

Search for flowers to send someone and you will be encouraged to buy a package, of flowers with, champagne or chocolates.

Even concerts on Ticketmaster offer meet and greet or VIP packages.

Perennial book peddlers Amazon are at it as well, if you buy one book then they recommend you another that might go with it.

Supplement companies will try and sell a weight loss stack, or bulking stack in the hope that you spend more money and get more value.

It's classic cross and up selling

And this is why as a Personal Trainer you should you create and sell packages instead of charging per hour and having to compete on price..

But how do you package up PT and how can it benefit YOUR fitness business?

1. Sell the Result

When clients are on the lookout for a personal trainer it's because they want a specific result and if you want to go one deeper, they want how the result is going to make them feel.

So it makes sense to package your services to sell the result and how they will feel.

This will have a much higher perceived value than whatever you currently charge per hour.

2. It Adds Value

You should always be thinking of your clients lifetime value, as this means can work out exactly how much you can spend to get a new client (very powerful stuff if you want a sucessful fitness biz).

Adding nutrition plans, online support and even mindset can seriously add value to what you do,

3. You will get better Clients who stick to the plan (and don't moan)

They will work harder and stick to the nutrition and training more easily because they are invested in the end result (not in the sessions).

Plus, when clients stick to your program better, they get better results and, my friend, when they get better results then they refer you to their friends.

It's win win for everyone. (especially you)

Our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System teach you exactly how you can do this………plus it comes with a lead generating website for your fitness business..

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