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At least once a week I get a Facebook message from a Personal Trainer if I can do their Facebook Ads for them.  

When we get on the phone and have a chat though, we usually discover that Facebook Ads are not what they really need because they don't have an offer in place or their website is not set up to convert visitors into leads.

Tip of the Day here for you:

If you don't have the right offer no amount of traffic is going to help your business.

Not all bad news

When you do have the right offer in place then getting traffic can really push your fitness business forwards faster

So this week I've mostly been working on some Facebook Ad Training for our SWAT members, because as well as provide them with lead generating website, we also show them how to do Facebook Ads and get super targeted traffic to their new websites.

It's part of what they get when they invest in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System, as well as the piece of mind that their websites are being looked after.

This is what I'm adding

Why you should be using paid traffic on Facebook if you want to grow your business consistently.

Step by step walk through including how to create Facebook ads for fitness websites

How to Set Up your Pixels / Audience / Re-targeting

Choosing Images that work and don't get you pulled by the FB police and get your account banned.

How to scale your ads once they are proven to work and boost your business.

How to know if they are working and what stats to measure

The differences between cold, warm and hot traffic and what offers to send people depending on what temperature they are when they visit your site. (most personal trainers miss this)

How to re target to your email list and how to exclude your email list from seeing your ads

What sort of language to use in your ads to make them more profitable.

What you need in place before you even think about posting an ad on FB

Image design and creation including how to get the size right every time.

How to know what type of ad to choose and where to show it.

Troubleshooting Ads that are not working and kn owing what needs to be fixed.

When you invest in a SWAT personal trainer website you get access to all this and more, including our inner circle mastermind group.

Its not just a website, its a complete system for growing your personal training business faster.

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