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April 17, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

A few weeks ago I emailed and asked some of the Top Fitness Business marketing experts I know. I asked them to share their top strategy for helping you get more clients into your personal trainer business.

These are people who either have successful personal training businesses or are currently working in the industry as mentors to Personal Trainers.

Here is what they came up with, Some of their answers may actually surprise you.

Karen Ruffle

Create a high profile for yourself whether that's online, in your local community or both. Have a strategy to do this. Mind map ideas, plan them out & add daily actions into a planner. Do not try to do too much as this leads to overwhelm & doing nothing. The most effective thing to growing my on-line business was to go & meet top fitness professionals in person & make friends & support good people. To give first before asking. See how you can help influencers to improve their position & sales before asking for ‘favors'…for example I made documentary videos with top Personal Trainerss, paid for them & advertised them for those professionals.

This benefited me by increasing my exposure to their audience…and by association my product. Have a complete marketing plan…decent set of tactics, be consistent & action them. Be prepared to work long hours & do not expect overnight success. No one system is the magic key! Knowing & understanding why people buy & how people buy will save a fortune & time. Before you do anything…would my mum (best friend, sister, granddad etc) buy this? Is it good enough? Does it represent good value? Is it being promoted where they buy stuff?

Karen runs the successful Block the Bitch PT mentoring group. You can check it out here.

Thomas Plummer

“Talk is cheap. You have to create some type of trial package that allows you to highlight your expertise before you ask for money. When you first meet a client and explain your prices, you are just another trainer trying to hit up a money person for sessions. If you offer a trial package, such as 30 days with you for $89, which includes an assessment, 3-6 training, access to other groups you might be doing and at least a half an hour of nutrition, and then ask for money after the trial you have a huge advantage since you are selling from a position of expertise and experience with the client. It is up to you to create a 30-day experience where the client just can’t do it without you.”

You can connect with Thomas Plummer over on his Facebook Page

Tim Tavender

“Despite all the great online and offline marketing methods, referrals are still king. Get a system in your business to educate your customers to refer to you from day one and be very good at what you do. Get results combined with a system will get a flood of referrals. It also happens to be the cheapest way to get clients.”

Tim Tavender is director at The Marketing HQ and specialises in Personal Trainer and Fitness Marketing

Tim Goodwin

“Concentrate your efforts on promoting OUTCOMES and not information giving. Promise to solve their ‘bleeding neck' problems… If you have blood gushing from your neck you'll do everything possible to get it fixed NOW right? In the world of health, peoples bleeding necks are sugar cravings, bloating, digestive discomfort (IBS), aches, pains, getting out of breath, fear of exercise, fear of public displays.

Actually fixing those problems will give you a client for LIFE! SERIOUSLY”

Tim Goodwin is a former fitness facility owner in Luxembourg and is the owner of Lean Greens

Mark Tregalis

“Have social proof on Fan pages and in your emails.  I post pictures daily with my clients exercising, it shows i work with real people, builds trust and erradicates the fear potential clients may have of exercising with you”


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