Fitness Business Websites Ego vs Bank Balance

January 15, 2020     /    Personal Trainer Websites, Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

When we design and build a lead generating website for a fitness business or a boutique gym we sometimes get push-back from clients before their new website goes live.

Some push back on the message and very often they push back on the images we recommend they use. This is mainly because of what they see other gyms and studios doing. Sometimes it's because they want to come across as professional and serious rather than fun and different.

Ego Vs Bank Balance

Many other times though it's because they see the website of a new Globogym style boutique gym that has just opened in their town and they want a carbon copy. A website that is more likely to boost their ego (not their bank balance)

The Danger in Copying Other Fitness Business Websites

Copying the website style or messaging of anther fitness business can be a fatal game for you. When you blindly copy the website of the new flash boutique gym that you admire or that facility you are trying to be just like, you have no idea if their site is working to bring in business.

Gyms and Studios With Deep Pockets

The truth is that many of these studios have big investors with deep pockets and they can afford to hire PR firms to get them in the press. They can pay the local C list celebrity to rock up at their studios and get papped coming out looking sweaty and sexy. They have also probably paid 10k for a branding company to build a “cool” “ego driven” Instagram style website for them.

They don't care if their website converts or not, because that's not important to them. It's not business critical. All they care about is looking good

For most small gyms and fitness studios having a website that converts well (not just a website) is business critical.

Liam Thompson – Internet Fitpro; The Fitness Business Website Experts

Many startup gyms and trainers don't have the luxury of deep pockets, that why having a website that shows how you help people and shows you helping people with social proof is way more important than ever.

Added Advantages

With Facebook ad prices on an upward trajectory right now it's more important than ever, especially for a local fitness business that can take advantage of free local search traffic from Google and add another entry point into your business.

Our Advice at Internet Fitpro

Don't let your ego get in the way of your bank balance if you want a fitness business website that truly converts and helps you reach your business goals.

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