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Star Wars is the classic hero movie from my childhood. A clasic good versus evil, black versus white, right versus wrong story.

Its basically a cowboy film from the 60's set in space and a plot line that's been used in loads of movies since.

The Karate Kid is another great example, good vs evil, black vs white.

Even the costumes told some of the story.

Darth Vader Black Costume, Luck Skywalker light or neutral Costume
Cobra Khan Gym Black Costume, Daniel The Karate Kid White Costume.

Even in the old Cowboy films the bad guys used to wear black hats (thats actually where black hat marketing comes from) and the good guys would wear white hats.

But there is something else that al lot of these films have in common and for good reason.

The hero always has a coach or a mentor.

Luke Skywalker has Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda
The Karate Kid has Mr Miagi and
Even Rocky had Mickey in his corner.


There's one more thing.

They were all reluctant to accept help at the start. The resistance was strong at the beginning.

It's all part of the journey in building a fitness (or any other) business. You can't do it alone, at some point you will realize that its OK to ask for help and learn from some who has been there and done that.

You don't have to figure out this business and website and marketing stuff on your own.

Its the fastest way to success in business and in life.

Hire a coach or invest in a proven system to grow your business and do some good in the world.

Don't let the bad trainers, herbalife reps and douche-bags win

Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


I have been keeping this relatively quiet, but I've been offered a position working for Fitness and Internet Marketing Superstar Ryan Lee, 1-1 coaching his Freedym Clients in all things business and marketing.

I'm the only person that he has ever asked to do this. because he knows I know my stuff!

All stems from me hiring him as my coach.

Fastest way to grow!


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