How much should personal trainers spend on online advertising

September 24, 2018     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

A short (ish) article today about Facebook ads and using them to get more clients as a personal trainer. How much should you be investing in Facebook or online ads in order to try and get new clients into your fitness business?

Someone asked me this question on Facebook this morning, so I wanted to make a short video about it just to give you my opinion. I also want to show you what I think you should be doing in your fitness business to attract new members and clients.

So, basically I don't really think that having an advertising budget is a good idea especially if you know how much a client is worth to you in terms of their lifetime value (and you should 100% know this).

Client Lifetime Value

Here is an example of what I mean:

When I was running my bootcamp in Manchester, I knew that a client on average was worth about £346 in revenue to us.

Based on this we knew that we could easily spend £100 on getting a single new client. This meant that we could make a healthy profit from each new member. Now, most of the time, it didn't take £100 to get a client in and in fact we probably spent around about £40 on Facebook ads to get one new fit camp member on board.

So know that you know this, let me ask you a question.

How Much Can You Invest in Advertising To Get A New Client

If you knew that each one of your clients were worth over £340, how much money would you invest in order to get a new client? And, then, how much money would you spend every day in order to get a new client? Now, obviously, if you're doing boot camps, your client value is going to be slightly less than if you're doing one-to-one training.

If you're doing one-to-one personal training, you should be expecting to have a client lifetime value of at least £1,000 ($1,500) per client so you can always invest a little more.

So, the key point for you as a personal trainer is, that if you know that a client is worth £1,000 minimum, then you should know exactly how much you can spend to acquire them.

This is why having an advertising budget is not a good idea because, once you get to your budget, you're going to stop advertising. If you have a positive return on your investment, why would you stop spending money on ads? It doesn’t make sense

When you know that it costs you £47 or £50 on Facebook ads to get a new client, then you know that, if you spend £50 every day on ads, you're going to get a new client that's worth at least £340 to you. If you spend £50 on a Monday, it gets you a new client, you spend £50 on a Tuesday and it gets you a new client, you're going to get yourself five new clients in a week.

Growing Your Fitness Business Every Single Week

If you just do it Monday through Friday and that's going to be worth 5 x £340? That’s £1700 of new business every single week. So, this is why I think having an advertising budget is a bad idea.

Now, however, saying that, you will need to test this and make sure that your funnel works, and you need to make sure that you do get a positive return on investment. What we generally advise in terms of budget when it comes to Facebook ads is that you start low and build on it. Start out at £5 per day and try and make sure that you're getting enough people opting into your email list. Making sure you're getting people to come through and actually opt-in to whatever your offer is, is the 1st step.

Plus, if you guys are using Facebook ads, you generally know you shouldn't be trying to sell straight off Facebook. You know that you should be generally trying to get people's email addresses by giving something of value in exchange. You shoudl also make sure that you pixel some of the people who land on that page. This allows you to at some point in the future retarget them with Facebook ads using Custom Website Audiences.

If you want some help with the lead target and Facebook ads, you can check out how we help personal trainers grow their business faster

Lead Generating Personal Trainer Websites

That is part of our Accelerate Personal Trainer Website System where we build lead generating websites for personal trainers, and then we show them actually how to market themselves and how to get clients off the back of that.

If you look at Facebook as somewhere people go to to socialize and to have fun. They're not really looking to buy or in that mindset, so if you give them something of value, then you can get their email address and then you can remarket to them and sell to them at a later date.

Its, really, really easy to do. Don't be the 19-year-old dude who's trying to go in for the kill straight away.

Don't try and make the sale because you'll end up losing them forever.

Personal Trainer Marketing Vs Dating

Marketing is just like dating, you have to go through the process step by step and play by the rules. Go through the process of get their number, buy them a drink, take them out on a date, and then you can try and sell to them. It's the easiest way to get clients. It takes a little bit longer, but it works out cheaper in the long run and you will get better quality, higher value clients who will pay you more because they know I can trust you and that's the whole basis behind this.

Okay. So, if you have any questions, you can put them in the comments below this or you can reach out to us on Facebook


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