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When you play the free game on Facebook or wait for clients to find you through Google, you are essentially leaving your business and your income to chance.
No one wants to do that right?
But you dont need to do this as long as you have a simpe marketing system in place. Its what we teach as part of our SWAT Website package but I'm going to show you how it works for my Boot camp business.
Here is the exact strategy that I have used to get 8 new clients (worth £2032) for my bootcamp in the last 4 weeks and how I can use this to get me 16 new clients next month. 
I've had 11 new email subscribers since yesterday by giving away a free download aimed at my market (25-35 females who want to drop 2 dress sizes)
The cost is £0.70 per email using a simple Facebook ad to an opt-in page (also called a squeeze page) asking for an email address in exchange for the download.
I know from experience that minimum 1 in 50 will sign up for our fit camp so it's just a case of getting to the 50 as fast as possible.
100 email addresses = £70 cost = 2 new fit campers = 2 x £254 lifetime value per client = £508
These numbers are a minimum and doesn't include supplement affiliates or anyone on my email list that wants 1-1 training with me or one of my other trainers or who buys my online program.
(ill show you affiliates later this week and show you how its paying for my trip to New York later this year)

Knowing your numbers is key

If you can invest your 1st months income from a client back into marketing and you know your numbers and your marketing system works) you should in theory be able to double your new business every month as long as you can service them.
We have signed up 8 new members in the last 4 weeks straight off our sales page for our 4 week trial , no phone calls needed either.
They have signed up either from my email or Google Ads.
That's 8 x £97 to go back into ads.
That will buy us around 800 email subscribers which should in turn get us 16 new clients next month.

See how easy this is?

Want to learn how to do this, then head over and apply for our SWAT Website and Fitness Marketing System.
What would 8 new clients a month do for your fitness or personal training business?
Liam Thompson
We know what works in the fitness industry because we have actual real fitness businesses


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