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One easy way of earning more revenue from your fitness or personal training blog is to promote other peoples products and services. This is called affiliate marketing and basically what happens is that you will place a link on your website that is unique to you that forwards to the product or service that you are promoting. If your visitor then purchases that product then you will get a share or the first sale and in some case you will also get a share of other sales.

It’s really easy to get started as an affiliate marketer and to be honest you should be doing this anyway if you have a fitness business.

Example Affiliate Page

Here is a link on my personal training site to Lean Greens by Paul Mort product which has an example of an affiliate link. If one of my clients click on the link and purchases the products then i will receive a percentage of the sale

Where To Look For Affiliates

Other places to look for affiliate links are Amazon which run a great affiliate program although the commission rates are not actually that high it is a great place to start and get the feel of how affiliate marketing works.

You could also look to partner with other people or companies that see fitness products. Clickbank is the defacto gold standard for affiliate marketing and you can find any number of products to promote on there. There are also smaller affiliate schemes that you can find using Google and many web retailers will have their own affiliate schemes that you should be able to join.

Types of Products To Promote

As a fitness pro you could (and should)be getting affiliate profits from supplements, equipment like foam rollers, t-shirts, books and online programs. The list and the possibilities are endless.


One word of warning though, always make sure that you are recommending a product or service that you have used yourself, you don’t want your clients or customer to buy something on your recommendation that turns out to be a dud. If that happens it will be you with egg on your face and your reputation will be in tatters. As you know reputations take ages to build but can be ruined in an instant.


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