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April 14, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

What has Wonder woman, She Rah and Hit Girl got to do with selling personal training sessions?

A lot really, £1300 ($2000)  worth of new PT clients in just 1 week in fact.

Before attending our 2 day seminar last week IFP Naomi Gibson was a bit stuck, she didn't really get it.

Like most trainers Naomi was trying to sell personal training packages and sessions, so we showed her how to package up what she does and up her prices and start to charge what she is worth.

Fast forward just four days, and she now has three new super hero themed programs at different prices for her female boxing coaching and fitness business and she emailed us this yesterday.

Here’s what Naomi said:

“I've just sold a HIT Girl package (£1300)….. Ohmygod this Sh!t is unreal…. It's frikkin awesome! I mentioned Wonder Woman, HIT Girl & She Rah ahaha!”

Packing up your services to make them more appealing and give them more value is part of our SWAT Personal Trainer Website Program

Check it out and apply today we are still taking on new success orientated clients for now.

Liam Thompson
Internet Fitpro
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