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If you want to keep in contact with your personal training, boot camp clients or prospects on a regular basis it's essential that you have a system for sending out emails.

Many personal trainers I know just use their Hotmail or Gmail accounts but this is a recipe for annoying a lot of people especially if you haven't given them the option of opting into your list or if they don't have the ability to opt out or unsubscribe. Even more so becasue of GDPR etc.

Don't Send Spam Emails

How many times have you got an email that you have not signed up for and kept getting them because the sender had no way of removing you off his list. It does tend to get pretty annoying after a few times. The thing about sending marketing emails like this is that the chances are people will be so annoyed that you are sending them unsolicited emails that they are never likely to convert to a client.

By having a system where they can opt in to your list (IE give you their email address willingly) you can ensure you are sending emails to people that have asked to receive them and that are interested in your product or service.

Most internet marketers use what is know as an “ethical bribe” in order to get your email address. Usually this will be giving you something in exchange for you giving them your email address? This could be anything from an eBook or a video series or access to part of their membership sites.

This then allows you to keep in contact with your potential client by offering them value and sending them regular useful information and helping to build a relationship with them. People tend to buy from people who then know, like and trust and this is an ideal way of building that up.

As a fit pro you can do the same by giving away something of value like a free trial or a free workout plan or nutrition eBook  Whatever this may be, it needs to have enough value in order to get the prospective client to enter their details. This should actually be the main purpose of your fitness business website because most of your visitors will not be ready to buy yet and if you can get their email address then this gives you a chance to continually market to them over time. I have had people on my list that have taken over 18 months in order to make their first purchase and come to my boot camp.

Not collecting an email address means that you will likely have lost the client forever if they are not ready to buy and can increase the effectiveness of your website and increase your business as a result of this.

What is the best Email Marketing tool to use?

Well there are several to chose from. Some of the most popular ones are Mail Chimp, IContact, Constant Contact and Aweber, however the one that I use and recommend is Active Campaign which costs around $19 (£13) a month and here are some of my reasons why:

7 reasons why I recommend Active Campaign over other Email Marketing Tools

  1. Your WordPress blog can be set up to automatically email your subscribers as soon as you post
  2. They have tons of support and learning info an videos on their website and in their official Facebook Group
  3. Its pretty easy to learn and less clunky that other products
  4. There are loads of templates for email as well as opt in forms as well as a WordPress plugin to make it really easy to install on to your blog or website.
  5. You can create auto respond messages that will send out a reply email and a series of automatic emails to potential clients after they have signed up to your list.
  6. You can split your email list into different sections for different parts of your business ie personal training, boot camps, yoga or whatever it is you do
  7. It comes with a trial so you can test it out and see if it works for you. ( you can sign up here)

Note the link to Active Campaign is an affiliate link, however I would like to point out that I would only ever recommend product that I

a) use myself and

b) believe that they will add value to your business.



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