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Last weekend I had to go to a wedding as a plus one! It was one of of my wife's old school friends and she was a bridesmaid, and as luck would have it I got lumbered with a boyfriend of one of the other bridesmaids for what was pretty much the whole weekend.

All this dude could talk about was himself and he was dressed exactly like Tim Nice But Dim from the Harry Enfield show.

“Me, me me” he went on “I earn this much, I live here, I drive an Aston Martin, blah blah blah”.

Man, this guy was even more boring than the England Slovakia game on Monday night.

After about 30 minutes of listening to this guy and not being able to get a word in I was losing the will to live and felt like punching him in the face and telling him to shut the feck up.

(I didn't by the way, but might have done if he has used the word “yah” one more time when he was in agreement with me)

So I ended up escaping on Saturday morning as the girls were getting fitted out to a local coffee shop to do some work on as I couldn't take it anymore.

There was nothing in it for me chatting to this guy. He didn't even like football which is the go to conversation when you get stuck in a situation like that.

So what the point of me telling you this?

Is your website a bit like that.

Most personal trainer websites are.

Is it all about you and not the potential clients?

Does it list your qualification and how you offer great service? (isn't great service the minimum required)

Are there pictures of you with your shirt off beasting yourself in the gym or are the pictures your smiling with past clients you have helped?

Are you trying to sell to them or encourage them to give you their email address so you can build some trust?

All things you need to consider if you want more clients from your website.

Truth is most personal trainers don't get many if any clients from their sites at all.

It's just one of the reasons most trainers are not earning what they would like to be.

I'ts also why we created the SWAT Personal Trainer Website System

The only system that guarantees leads for your fitness business.

Liam “Still Buzzing From The Ireland Result Last Night” Thompson

Internet Fitpro
The Personal Trainer Website Experts


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