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Over the weekeend I was presenting at a conference just outside New York. There was a company there doing the filming and all the Audio stuff.

Million Dollar Shot they were called and they were great, but they made one serious error.

They had left business cards on the tables for the delegates.

Honestly they looked like they had been designed by a 5 year old and printed on wafer thin paper and you could see where the margins where they had been cut to size.

The last thing they looked like was a million dollars.

Same thing happens when you have a shoddy website as a personal Trainer.

If you want to sell high end training, but you have DIY website or one that doesn't work on a mobile?

It directly reflects on your business……..

…..and we understand that not every Personal Trainer or Boot-camp owner or fitness business owner is in a position to invest in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System.

We also understand that you might be a bit of a technophobe or that you don't want to spend thousands on a website that doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

That's why we decided to create The Personal Trainer Website Starter Website Package for Personal Trainers and Fitness Business owners who want a lower cost, yet professional and easy to use system for getting their business online.

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Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


This is a seriously good offer at less than £300. to get your fitness business online.


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