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Mrs Liam is now a couple days past her due date and the arrival of Liam junior is imminent at least that's what we hope.

We have no idea when he is going to show up becasue the due date is apparently just a guess. Sometime in the 2 weeks before or after the due date the midwifes told us which is a 4 week window.

4 bloody weeks, how can you plan anything around that?

It's a waiting game now and there's jack that we can do about it becasue its not in our hands. There is nothing we can do that can speed up the process.

You have to play the game, It's just like waiting on Google to send you clients from your PT website.

You're not in control of the number of searches, your competition or even the ranking. It's just a game of luck.

Now im not saying dont use the big G for helping to fill your diary or your boot camps, but what I am saying is this:

Don't rely on it, because you don't or can't control it.

It's way easier to rely on the things you can control.

Things like

  • Having a website that converts visitors into leads
  • Building an email list of prospective clients
  • Targeting people in your area with paid ads that pay for themselves many times over.
  • Asking your current clients for referrals
  • Asking your past clients to come back.

^^^^ All stuff you can easily control.

And if you want a system for the online side of thngs complete with a new website and all the tech side of it looking after the check out our SWAT 2.0 Personal Trainer Website System

Liam “Still Waiting” Thompson
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