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Last week I was chatting to one of my personal training coaching clients and the task I had given her for the week was was to take the week off and do some stuff that was fun.

It's not always easy being in this self employed entrepreneruial world that we live in but there are things that you can and should put in place and one of them is to have fun, do stuff that you love outside of work.

It's the whole point of why you work right?

Example: For me I play and watch football. I go and watch Everton with my friends and recently I've started taking my Dad to watch Ireland games in Dublin because that's something that couldn't afford to do when I was growing up.

The other thing i do is every Wednesday morning after the gym I book myself in for a 1 hour sports massage.

Every Wednesday without fail.

Now this might seem excessive to some people but that's the best part of £2,000 ($3k) a year on massages, but it serves a very important purpose. It relaxes the hell out of me and makes me more productive and when I'm more productive I earn more. It's all down to simple return on Investment principles and it also feels great.

Now when I told my coaching client this, she said “Wow, you're so lucky” and this is exactly the same stuff I hear from family members and friends.

You're so lucky you can do stuff like that” or “You're so lucky you always get to travel places

But here's the important thing.

Luck required = Zero, Nada, Nothing

Luck has nothing to do with it.

If you want really want something in your life all you have to do is plan for it and take action.

It's a really simple process.

Decide what you want, find out how to do it, execute the plan, tweak as you go along.

Even better (and easier) if you follow some one else's plan that is proven to work.


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