November 9, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

So we're waking up this morning here in the UK to the news that Donald Trump is the new President of the USA. It's a bit surreal don't you think?But as in anything in life….there is a huge lesson here for any small business owner and especially if you are in the fitness industry.

Like him or loathe him you can learn a lot from “The Donald”

You see Trump doesn't actually give a crap if people don't like him.

In fact half the country hate him and even a big chunk of the people that voted for him admitted in the exit polls to not liking him. This is because he stands for something.

Despite the dudes obvious flaws people still voted for him and in my opinion its because he openly admitted and talked about his flaws, failure and misdemeanors. This is what we call in marketing “Making your skeletons dance for you”.

Everyone has skeletons in their lives so why not make them work for you.

What do you struggle with?

What do you struggle with that your clients and potential clients can empathize with?

Is it that you drink more than you should or is it that you struggle with your own confidence sometimes or maybe you cheat on your diet?

Trump had a message that people could get behind.

Personally, I love America and think that it was already great but you have to hand it to him “Make America Great Again” was something that people could get behind and believe in.

Every single biz needs a message that people can get on board with.

What's yours?

What do you and your fitness business believe in?

Is it clean eating?
Metabolic resistance for fat-loss or fasted cardio?

A common goal and a common enemy in Hilary and the establishment.

Every biz needs a common enemy. What's the common enemy in your fitness business? Is it weight watchers? Herbalife? Big Pharma? Sugar?

For us here at IFP it's Web Guys and Web designers because we know they know diddly about marketing and attracting clients.

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