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January 21, 2014     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Getting new clients for your personal training business is not the only way to profit from your website. If you are a busy personal trainer and you are working 12 hour days the last thing you need is more clients.

In this case what you need to be doing is making more money from your existing clients or ex clients. Ask yourself what will your clients be purchasing anyway that they might as well buy from you or at the very least earn you an affiliate commission.

Supplements? Books? Trainers and Clothing? Home Equipment

You could be selling all of the above from your personal training website without actually holding any stock by making use of affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a link that goes on your website that directs your client to a retailer like amazon. If your client makes a purchase then you will get a commission from the purchase. Usually this is between 5-15% but for some online products it may be as high as 90%.

Its a win win for both parties as the advertiser only has to pay out when they make a sale.

You could even sell a cook book from your website as an up-sell to existing clients. You can either write one or there are a couple of people doing re-branded cook books.

Another option is to  funnel ex clients into a membership area of your site that you could charge a fee for. This could include videos  of workouts, nutrition and meal planners. Some of the trainers that we do membership sites for are charging as much as £147 for a month of at home training via their websites.

Hopefully we have given you an idea of some of the things you can use your site for that can increase your income without you needing to work more hours in the gym. Can you thing of any more? Feel free to share them below.


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