November 5, 2014     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Ever been told that you cant have something?

What happens?

Yup, you're dead right you want it even more badly and then some.

Potential clients can spot desperation, just like a grammar Nazi on Facebook can spot a spelling mistake.

Just like in the world of dating which is a lot like marketing for your PT business, clients want you to be confident and not needy.

Whats attractive about neediness? Nothing, Nada, Zero, Zilch, Zip

Ever wondered why you get more attention in a relationship from the other sex?

Same thing.

Wonder why more people want to work with you when you're busy?

Wonder why sales have deadlines and limited editions are limited.

Its all to do with scarcity and exclusivity friend.

Having an application only process and funnel on your website and asking the right questions to potential clients can literally pre sell them and have them begging to work with you before they even speak to you.

It also means you can charge more.

Thats why petrol on the motorway is more expensive and drinks are more expensive in the cinema, because there is nowhere else to buy them.

Nothing is more powerful than that when it comes to sales.

We've closed the doors to new website clients at the minute because we are both off to Thailand tomorrow to work with Dax Moy on our business for 2 weeks. We might open up the web in a week program again, but we're not sure. One thing we do know is that when we come back we will be in a position to help you guys even more so keep your eyes peeled.

^^^^not false scarcity btw^^^^^^^

Liam “Busy Packing” Thompson
Internet Fit Pro
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