October 31, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Last week I went to a social media marketing event in London. It was all based around the Ape Harambe that got killed at Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year, because some kid climbed into his enclosure and launched millions of memes and basically broke the internet.

My buddy Dan Meredith from Coffee with Dan was also speaking there and I thought it would be a great place to get out from behind the old laptop and meet some real people and also a great place to be seen at.
^^^^ Lesson 1 right there. (Go where your potential clients are and tell them what you do)

^^^^ Lesson 2 (be seen with the right people)

Crazy Event

Anyway the event itself was a pretty crazy affair.

All the attendees got Bananas, there was even a coffin with a guy dressed as a gorilla in it, free beer, cider and banana milkshakes and get this…..

200 people in the room chanting

“D*cks out for Harambe”

and loving it.

It was 90% pure entertainment and 10% content.

A social media event with only 10% content?

What gives?

I'll tell you exactly what gives…..

That my friend is what people want. They want the entertainment, to be entertained.

^^^ Lesson Numero 3 (infotain thy audience, not teach)

Not the BS 10 best squats exercises or 5 foods to eat. They already know all that sh*t.

Because guess what?

Every other robotic personal trainer in your town is telling them that stuff and these guys are averaging less than £18k a year.
Lesson 4 ^^^^ (Stop Copying shit that doesn't work)

Be the dude that stands out.



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PS ^^^ I am 100% aware you don't really give a crap how long we've been in business. Thought I'd add it in there for some irony anyway.


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