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According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Their number two fear is death or dying.

Don't you think that sounds a wee bit messed up and the wrong way round?

Basically people are more scared of speaking in public that they are of kicking the buckey.

I sort of get that because Personally I'm not scared of death (although I don't want to die) and I quite enjoy public speaking, what I'm afraid of is something completely different.

I'm far more scared of something else.

I am sh*t scared of ever having to get a job.

You know like a real 9-5 job with a boss.

I'm talking about a real boss who is not my wife, even though she is sort of the boss (but I would never let her know that).

Here's the thing:

We are living in a great time to be alive when anyone who want to can be an entrepreneur and have their own business without having to invest in factories and staff and wages.


Not everyone is cut out for it.

If you're constantly struggling to make ends meet or get new clients and build a fitness business, maybe its time you took a back seat and got a real job.

A job that pays your bills.

Some people just aren't cut out for having their own fitness business or any other business for that matter.

That might be you.

Hopefully it isn't

If not then maybe its time for you to step up to the plate.

Take action on the things you know you should be doing to grow and build the business and life you want.

Nothing to sell today, just want to give you a kick up the ass.

your choice what you do!


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