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A few years ago before I met my lovely wife I admit that I used to be a bit of a player.

I had just read Neil Strauss excellent book “The Game” and was mesmerized by this secret world of Pick Up Artists or PUAs as they called themselves.

The game is not a marketing book and it's actually about dating and meeting girls but if you want to learn more about the psychology involved in selling and attracting clients then it’s a must read.

Anyway back to the original point.

I used to do a bit of online dating a few years ago. This was before it was as popular and socially accepted as it is now. I used all the big sites at the time such as Match and Plenty of Fish and if the is to be truth be told, I had a pretty good success rate.

I met a lot of cool girls on there, went on plenty of dates and had a lot of fun.

What Has This Got To Do With Personal Trainer Marketing

Well imagine if the headline on my profile had said “Want To Get Married? Check Me Out”

How many dates do you think I would have got?

Yeah you guessed it.

Probably none or not that many.

Equally if I had seen this girls profile below I would have run a mile as would most guys.


This is the main problem with a lot of personal trainer’s websites. They are trying to make the sale and seal the deal on day one. This is a big mistake and is the equivalent of asking a girl to marry you at a bar before you even know her name.

You have to go though the same dating process with your potential clients. Buy them a drink, take them on a few dates, get to know them Get them to like you and then trust you.

Once you have those 3 then you can seal the deal and get married (and live happily ever after).

The buying process works exactly the same way.  You have to attract your potential clients with something of value that they want. In exchange they will give you their email address. Usually this is a free report or a  free trial or something similar.

Big companies like Starbucks do it with free WiFi, Amazon Prime and Netflix offer a free 30 days trial and lots of online companies offer free reports, free videos or courses.

You can check out what we do here and if you fill in the form you will see the great content that we send out.

Dating Your Customers

Once you have  there you should be schmoozing them with great content and building up the know like and trust factor. Try to sell to them too early (or too often) and you will scare them off.

A lot of your potential clients will not be ready to buy in any case and may be just window shopping. If you you build up a relationship with them then when they are ready to take the leap and join a boot camp or have personal training then you will be at the top of their minds and it will be a no-brainer for them. Think about it.

They know you if you are getting great content from you and if they are happy to do this they probably like and trust you as well.

Not everyone will like you by the way but that’s a whole different blog post and believe it or not this is actually a good thing.

We can show you exactly how to do cool client attracting stuff just like this, if you decide to work with us.


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