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Every so often I feel like taking my business, walking away frm it and burning it to the ground.

100% serious.

In fact I did this 10 years ago with a supplement business that I owned. Basically I walked a way from a £750k a year business and making that decision changed my life completely.

However…. I wouldn't go back and change that because that decision has led to some amazing things in my life, but I've learned a huge lesson from it and can recognize the symptoms of overwhelm, and deal with them before they get out of hand.

Yesterday I was feeling just like that.

Overwhelmed at everything I had to do and the procrastination started to kick in.

I'm sure you've been there?

Too much to do so you start doing nothing or you start to find mundane tasks to do like housework or ironing, or in my case, packing up some shit for our house move in a few weeks.

But simply by recognizing it, I can do something about it.

I know I need to plan my day into small chunks of things that will drive IFP and our new biz Clarity Digital Marketing and that's what we've also done with our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System

Step 1: Help you understand your target market
Step 2: Deep dive into your business to make sure you have sell-able packages
Step 3: Crafting your offers and your “sales funnel” along with your homepage content
Step 4: We Build Your Site
Step 5: We show you how to rank on Google and get unlimited traffic to your new site using Facebook and Google Ads.
Step 6 Test and Grow

Breaking it down in to manageable steps to ensure you get a website that is guaranteed to convert and grow your business.

You can apply here


Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Build Businesses


We'll be launching our new Google Adwords course for Fitness Pro's next week probably for £197, but all SWAT members get it included for free


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