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March 16, 2015     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Is your current website designer the equivalent of a pay as you go boot-camp?

How many of you guys run boot camps or group training sessions?

A fair few I would say and if you are a smart trainer like I think you are, then you probably charge on a monthly basis rather than selling single sessions or pay as you go.

You should also be doing this as a personal trainer if you don’t run boot camps and just focus on 1-1 training.

In fact your minimum package length should be around 90 days (3 months). This gives you peace of mind that your clinets will be with you for the near future and it also helps your clients get better results because they are maxing a commitment boith financial and with their time.

Most web designers want to maximise how much money the charge you so they will invent ways to charge you more money.

The $297  five page website that they have designed for you suddenly cost you $60 every time you want to add a page or change a piece of text.

Suddenly its pay as you go instead of a one off fee you were originally expecting.

Then there are hosting charges, charges for email accounts and even more if you want help to get your personal training business ranking at the the top of Google in your local area.

What really grinds my gears though is that a lot of design dudes don’t even know what an auto responder or a squeeze page is or what should even be on the site to get the most out of it in terms of leads and sales for your training business.


Seriously, I had a conversation with a web designer today and he had no idea what a squeeze page was. Honestly!

Now this was a clued up creative guy that could design you a really nice looking site, but there is one fatal flaw with this.

The dude doesn’t know how to market.

He has no idea what your site is for.

To be fair most fit pro’s don’t even know why they should have a website.

In case you are not clear on that your website should only have one purpose:


The number one function of your website is to collect an email address from your visitor before they leave.”

Perry Marshall (Marketing Expert)

Window Shopping

The reason for this is that over 90% of the people who come to your site are just there for a browse, essentially window shopping.

They are not ready to start with a personal trainer yet.

Maybe they are looking at options, prices or comparing trainers in your area

Once they’re gone you have most likely lost them forever.

Not having some sort of lead capture device on there is the second most common mistake that most fit pros make on their websites. It’s a one way ticket to Backsville USA and a huge waste of web traffic and money of you are paying for ads.

Web designers don’t understand this because they are not marketers. They don’t know what a sales funnel or a lead captures is.

They do what they do best which is design. They are designers by nature that is their job and their passion. They make things look pretty.

Quick Question

So here is a quick question for you to ponder.

As an owner of a fitness business, who would you rather trust with your website and helping you to get more clients in the door?

The design dude fresh out of creative design school armed with his new copy of Photoshop or the guys who know how to get your visitors to come walking through your door, that have actually being doing it in the real world.

I know which guys I would choose.



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