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At least once a week, usually on a Tuesday, I like to go and have breakfast in this little independent deli near where I live.

It's one of those american style diners, that serves American breakfasts and being the creature of habit that I am I usually have the scrambled eggs and turkey on a toasted bagel, washed down with a large Americano.

All they do is breakfasts and coffee and they don't even open in the evening, yet they are number 1 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in the area.

What gives?

PT Marketing Lesson 1:

Having a niche and doing it well will make you stand out like Conor Mcgregor at a sponsored silence.

Meanwhile down in London there is a company opening up breakfast club cafes all over the place and if you are lucky you will only have to queue for 45 minutes to get a table. People queuing out the door just to get some scrambled eggs. Crazy right? But these places are incredibly popular.

PT Marketing Lesson 2:

Having a niche and inject scarcity to the mix will have people queuing out the door for your services. Ever wondered why night clubs make you queue up and when you get in the place is empty?

Want to go up another level and take it to the max?

Have a niche, inject scarcity and serve the top end of the market like the Feversham Arms in North Yorkshire who charge £120 ($180) for a breakfast that includes Salmon, Duck eggs and caviar.

£120 for breakfast? You better believe it.

You don't get these dudes saying “No one in my town will pay £120 for breakfast”

So there you have it.

  • Niche
  • Scarcity
  • Exclusivity


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