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January 21, 2015     /    Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

As I said in Monday's email /bog there are a lot of Personal Trainers and Boot Camp owners getting their ad accounts suspended or banned on Facebook at the minute.

What steps can you take to limit the chances of losing your ads account?

Big red borders or other colours on Facebook ads are a no no from now on guys.

Yes, we have taught this in the past as a way of getting your ads to stand out but we have been told that these are one way of getting your account flagged up, especially if someone complains about it and reports it to Facebook

You also need to make sure your images are now professional looking and appealing. We recommend using your own photos or if you are looking for a cheap way of finding stock photos then dollar photo club is a great place to start.

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Ad Frequency Rules

Checking your ads stats on Facebook is vital and one of the most important is ad frequency. It's recommended that you change your ad after an ad frequency of 7-10. No one wants to keep seeing the same ad more than 10 times and Facebook will see this as being spammy, however you need to let it run for a frequency of at least 7 for it to be effective enough.

Facbook Ad Frequency

The ad above for my fit camp is approaching a frequency of 7 so will soon be time to change it.

No to before and after photos

The rule makers at Facebook don't like before and after pictures, pictures of torsos instead go for pictures of your groups or clients training or pictures of people exercising and having fun. The rule as always though to grab peoples attention is to make them stand out.

Big No No to weight loss

It's becoming ever increasingly clear now that Facebook doesn't like weight loss ads. Instead you have to broach the subject indirectly. You need to mention things like healthy eating, or fitness or get healthy or get fit, rather than talking directly about weight loss or making claims that you can help people lose weight.

Honesty is the best policy

Tell people what they are signing up for. If you are sending ads to squeeze pages to gather peoples email addresses then you need to explain exactly what they get when they sign up and also what they are signing up for. Facebook have not banned squeeze pages but you do have to be more cautious than before.

Look like a real Business

Facebook want to protect their users so make sure your website has a privacy policy as well as an address and phone number so that people can contact you if need be. This is vital.

Facebook is an amazing tool for getting more leads and clients for your fitness business but you have to learn to play the game and play by their rules.

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