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Back in the 80's and 90's this guy was a huge star. Films like Lethal Weapon Mad Max and even Braveheart were Box office gold dust.  Great action movies as well.

It was the era of the action hero and Mel was up there with Arnold and Stallone. He was one  of the biggest stars of all until he blew it with his drunken antics caught on camera…….but that's not the lesson here my fitness friend.

You see even if we forgive Mel for his misdemeanours, he made a movie in the late 90's called “what Women Want”.

It's by no means a classic and is even a bit of a chic flick but as PT's we can learn a load from it.

This dude could read the minds of women. He could hear their inner most thoughts and it allowed him to give them exactly what they wanted. Even in the sack.

Imagine if you could do that with your potential clients? (not in the sack though)

You easily do this, you just need to know where your clients hang out (weight loss forums, questionnaires etc)

Mind Reading

Mel knew that all he had to do was find out what the women wanted and give it to them and he was on to a winner every-time.

If you have a fitness business or any business that's all you need to do. Find out what your clients want, package it up in a desirable package and sell it to them. Bam……

>The selling part will be super easy as you already know what they want.

Simplicity at its best.

This is the sort of stuff we show you how to do and explode your PT business online at internet Fitpro and why we guarantee you will get more clients from your new website site that you know what to do with.

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