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Growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1980's and early 90's was tough especially around this time of year. My Dad worked in a tyre factory and my mum had a part time job in a nursing home, but things were generally tight when it came to money.

Don't get me wrong here, we had a roof over our heads and never went hungry and we got every spare penny my parent had, but luxuries were few and far between especially when it came to getting the latest gear or going on holiday.

We even had a rented TV that you had to put 50p coins into to watch 8 hours of TV and the guy from the TV shop would come and empty it every month.

Holidays were nearly always camping in Ireland somewhere and I was 19 before I flew on a plane.

It was just the way it was, and we didn't know any different and we thought everyone else was in the same boat.

Whenever we wanted something, like a new pair of trainers, it would always be the same.

Do you think we are made of money?” or “Money doesn't grow on trees” or “Do you know how hard your father has to work to earn that?”

^^^ These definitely have had an effect on my mindset around money and something I am determined not to teach my own kids.

It creates a fear around, money, wealth and a belief that earning money is hard.

It's not.

You just need to learn how to deliver value in your fitness business instead of trading time for money like our parents did.

Gary Vee says that you should always “bring 51% of the value to every relationship

^^^ That my friend is the key to building a business.

Not selling today just giving value.


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