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3 months ago, Saadiah (a personal trainer in Glasgow) was working in a commercial gym.

She was giving the gym 15 hours in exchange for “free rent“.

60 hours a month, and then she had to train clients on top of that.

She was close to burning out and feeling the strain of not being able to spend time with her young son or husband.

My Advice

My advice to her was during our first mentoring session was that she needed to ask the gym if she could pay rent and if they said no she had to leave and find somewhere else to work in.

They predictably said no….so she decided to leave, but not without some resistance.

What if none of my clients come with me?” she asked during our weekly calls
“What if I cant find another gym?”
“What if, what if what if…….”

Yesterday we had our last call of our 12 week mentoring and the result?

She has her life back, she is chilled and relaxed.

She is only working 25 hours a month and she is earning over £1,000 per month more than she previously was (that's a £12k a year pay rise).

She is getting out of her comfort zone by posting content online using our SWAT Personal Training Website System and the most important thing.

Her confidence has soared!

And most importantly she has complete clarity on who she wants to work with and who she enjoys working with.

^^^ That my friend is the hotkey to success in the fitness industry.

9 times out of 10 the best client avatar is actually you.

Knowing this on thing can skyrocket your personal training business.



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