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Selling Personal Training Without Being Desperate

Not a single week goes by, and this week is no exception, when I get an email or a call from an over excited sales rep posing as a nutrition expert.

Trying hard to sell me the next hyped up meal-replacement shake to supposedly help my clients “reach their weight loss goals”.

There seems to be quite a few of these companies on the scene at the minute. They are essentially multilevel marketing schemes designed to make the most profit for the people at the top of the pyramid.

Juice Plus, Body By Vi, Herbalife and Aloe Drinks all being sold by people who have become nutrition experts, it would appear, in the five minutes it has taken them to brush up on the companies brochure or marketing leaflet.

Overexcited, like a kid on a huge caffeine and sugar rush , desperate to land a big deal and then move on to the next personal trainer, with no thought for the consequences or indeed the health of the people they are selling these products to. The end users. Our clients!

Turn Your Fitness Business Website into a Client Generating Machine

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Usually, they want to meet up for a coffee for a chat, but sometimes they come in with the angle of pretending to be interested in our personal training services. This is a big no-no as far as we are concerned.

Classic bait and switch and pretty shocking marketing tactics as well.

There is no trust involved.

Marketing your PT business is all about trust my friend

Trust is where it all starts but it's actually about Know, Like and Trust. As a rule of thumb, you generally need all three of these in order to get a sale from a prospective client.

Trust is the most important, so make sure you start the relationship with your clients based on trust and not desperation to make a sale.

Don't be screaming “join my Boot Camp” or shouting “Personal Training sessions available” on Facebook

Offering discounts and looking desperate is a turn off to your prospective clients. No one wants to train with a PT that looks desperate for clients

  • Don't add people to groups on Facebook without their permission.
  • Don't spam other peoples Facebook walls or groups
  • Don't sell under false presences
  • Learn how to market your services and sell the benefits of what you do.
  • Learn to write good persuasive sales copy that gets read and compels your potential clients to take action..
  • Get a website that guarantees you clients, just like we do here at Internet Fitpro.

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It could literally be the difference between success and failure in your fitness business

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My name is Liam Thompson and I’m the strategic half of Internet Fitpro. I live in Wilmslow in Cheshire which is just outside Manchester in the North of England but I’m originally from Ballymena in Northern Ireland.

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