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A Simple PT Client Attraction Secret

A lot of Personal Trainers tell me they don't know where to start when it comes to getting new clients into their fitness businesses.

The truth is if you are a decent PT in the UK you should be able to command at least £1,000 for 12 weeks of 1-1 training with a client.

That's $1,500 for our friends across the pond. It's a big investment (important word) for a lot of people, especially if they carry it on for a full year or training.

So let me ask you a quick question!

If you are expecting people to INVEST in themselves by investing their money on you, then what do they see when they first come in contact with you?

  • Is it a free go daddy done by yourself website?
  • A free Hotmail or Gmail email address?
  • Do you design your own flyers?
  • Does your website and your marketing scream cheap or free?

This my friend is why you need to start by investing in your business and yourself.If you have never hired a coach or a mentor or even a PT then how can you expect to successfully sell coaching or PT if you are not prepared to invest in the process yourself.

The most successful people I see in the fitness industry that are making 6 figures are the ones that continually invest in themselves and their businesses.

Continual growth, week after week.


I think not hombre.

I don't believe in coincidences.

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Liam Thompson

Internet Fitpro

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My name is Liam Thompson and I’m the strategic half of Internet Fitpro. I live in Wilmslow in Cheshire which is just outside Manchester in the North of England but I’m originally from Ballymena in Northern Ireland.

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