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Today's post is a special blog post by Yvonne Radley of Yvonne Radley Media who is the Go To Fitness Person when it comes to getting Fit Pros and personal trainers in news papers and magazines.


Yvonne Radley

OMG what a gorgeous sunny morning today – I've had a right spring clean

But not of the house…. oh no.

My Auto- Responders.

Let me ask you when was the last time you looked at yours?

When was the last time you wrote any new ones?

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Have you looked to see how well they are performing and changed the subject lines of the ones where the percentages plummet? Do you tease your reader at the end of your AR with what is coming up for them on the next one? If you answered NO to many of these questions you need to do some Spring Cleaning yourself. I started looking at my 30 Day Challenge ones today which I wrote back in November 2013.

I had lots of references to 2014 as the New Year was approaching but now of course it's almost summer so I took all of those references out. I also invited people to come on board my programs a lot earlier. It's something I'm testing at the moment after working with my American mentors. They do things very different over there. I'll let you know how I get on with it but I used to wait until the end of my AR's before I pitched, now I'm talking about my products a lot earlier – about a quarter of the way in and inviting them to talk with me. Are you inviting your guys to your Facebook Groups or Pages so you can talk to them every day if you want to?


Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

Are you using the PS – that and your headline are the most read elements in your email so make sure you have one on every AR – even if it's only the hook about what's coming up next?

And don't give the game away in your hook.

Don't say – coming up tomorrow I'll show you how to do a full press up.

Tease them instead – coming up tomorrow one of the key exercises you need to master to reach your goal.

Don't tell them anything….

Tease them

They'll love you more for it.

We used to use this tactic all the time in radio. When a big artist had a new album coming out we would tease it for 6 weeks before the release date – we would talk it up – maybe tell them the title – let them know when we were playing it for the first time – this would usually be in the breakfast show with the biggest audience.

Finally when everyone was begging us to play it – we would air it and everyone would go crazy for it.

You can do the same things with your AR's get people begging to read the next one.

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